Meeting Room

Understanding your needs.

We find that the most productive client relationships come from a close understanding of the client's brand identity and business targets; we like to meet our clients regularly and provide them with direct access to our head operator (Alex). We rarely work with large franchises; preferring to create and maintain relationships with more local establishments.  

We have an extensive database of of candidates built from over 20 years of industry networking and intelligence. We work with some the brightest and most reliable professionals in the hospitality sector.


We provide for the following areas:  


         Head Office Roles 


         Branded Operations 


         Independant & Small Groups, Pubs, Bars 

         and Restaurants.


         Rosette & Michelin establishments 


         Independant, Boutique & Branded Hotels


         Private Sector, Events & Wedding Venues


         Private Sector, Events & Wedding Venues

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